Bulletin Board

Great kids. Great school. Great community. We’re pretty excited about what goes on here at Port Allegany Elementary, and we mean to exercise our bragging rights by telling you all about the great things our students and staff members accomplish. You’ll also want to check in frequently for important announcements and special event details.

Hands Free Deposit Information

This is a friendly reminder regarding directions to follow for hands free deposits. Students can place an envelope with their name and account number into a drop box in the cafeteria. For more information, please see our flyer.

Return to School Parent Choice Letter

PASD is moving forward with a plan focused on full-time, in-person instruction starting on August 26. For plan details and information, please read our return to school parent choice letter.

Athletics Health and Safety Plan

Our current athletics health and safety plan applies to summer 2020 pre-season and in-person sports activities which conclude on August 14, 2020. Mandatory review sessions will take place for all coaches responsible for implementing this plan and its guidelines prior to the commencement of any activities. Please review our athletics health and safety plan for more information.

Phased School Re-Opening Health and Safety Plan

It is the purpose of the Port Allegany School District to promote procedures which help to safeguard individuals from the spread of communicable diseases. The most important consideration is the healthy and safety of students and employees. In addition to this health and safety plan, the district will develop additional options to provide in-person instruction, a hybrid model of in-person and remote learning, and academic choices for students whose parents elect to keep them home during this pandemic even when schools are open.

The district has strived to balance the desire to successfully open our schools to students and staff while taking practical steps necessary to help mitigate risks to that same population and our community. Please take a moment to review our phased school re-opening health and safety plan for complete details.

Continuity of Education Plan

The goal of the Port Allegany School District Continuity of Education Plan (CEP) is to provide continuity of education for all learners of the Port Allegany School District during the time of mandated school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Port Allegany School District has been in advanced planning to allow flexible instructional days during the 2020–2021 school year. Plan designs for remote and distance learning have been incorporated into the current school year during this closure period. The plan will begin on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Please take a moment to review our continuity of education plan for complete details.

Open Letter to the Community

After the state mandated closure of school districts announced on March 13, the district has worked continuously with our local, regional, and state partners in an attempt to provide for the community that we serve. Many of our teachers have prepared paper and online resources that families can use during this period of closure.

With the most recent guidelines by our legislature, we would like to inform everyone of our ongoing and updated plans to provide continuity of education during this time of school closure.

The Port Allegany School District will: While operating in good faith, provide the most reasonable and appropriate instruction to the students that we serve. We will use the resources available to us to continue to provide educational opportunities to all of our students.

Please take a moment to read Superintendent Gary M. Buchsen's complete letter to families for more information on our continuity of education plan.

Full-Time Teacher Positions Available

The Port Allegany School District is receiving teacher applications for the 2020–2021 school year. Eligible candidates must possess or be eligible to obtain Pennsylvania teacher certification. Compensation and fringe benefits will be set in accordance with the professional agreement and district policy. Please visit our Human Resources page for more information.

Athletics Events

We are now using a Big Teams website to help you stay updated on all of our junior high and high school athletics events. We invite you to visit this new athletics site often to stay up to date on our team schedules.