Our School

Port Allegany Elementary School is a K–6 campus offering its students a comprehensive education and range of services. You’ll find our beautiful campus just two blocks from the high school. Since the construction of our school in 1978, much has changed; however, our ideals and commitment to education remain the same. We are proud to continue the tradition of education in Port Allegany that began in a humble, one-room schoolhouse in 1852.

This is Our Time

This is our time to enrich and strengthen the minds of the rising generation. We firmly believe that every child is special and important, and we want all children at Port Allegany Elementary to have access to a great education. We have designed our academic curriculum and programs with the goal to prepare these students to face the challenges ahead of them presented by a modern, fast-paced society while still cultivating an appreciation for our history and the beauty in this world.

Port Allegany students participate in several areas of study including basic elementary subjects, physical education, art, instrumental music, and vocal music. To serve the needs of all of our students, we also offer remedial math and reading programs as well as provide special education programs for learning disabled and physically handicapped students.