Our Programs

Our vision is to provide each child with a quality educational experience that allows for social growth and individual success. To further this goal, we offer a variety of activities for our students to participate in where they will have opportunities to develop new skills, form friendships with those who have similar interests, and receive support in an area that may present a challenge.

All-Day Kindergarten

We are delighted to offer all-day kindergarten on our elementary campus! These young learners are eager and excited to learn and to be at school each day. See what all-day kindergarten can do for your child by contacting our office for more information.

Music and Band

Elementary students in the fifth and sixth grades have the opportunity to participate in our band program. Students meet once a week for band lessons and perform in concerts throughout the school year. For more information, please contact the band director, Mr. Brad Stewart.

Reading Competition Club

Fifth- and sixth-graders may participate in the Reading Competition Club. Students read over 40 books and meet to read and discuss the literature every other week in preparation for a competition held twice a year at a neighboring school. Our librarian, Mr. Keith Koehler oversees this initiative. 

Peer-Tutoring Program

At PASD, we encourage students to help each other through a peer-to-peer tutoring program. Through peer tutoring, children enhance their self-esteem as they develop and practice building positive relationships.

Intermediate students assist younger students during homeroom and study periods. During their study hall periods, high school students may also opt to help elementary students. Under the direction of classroom teachers, the tutors may read to the younger children or listen to them read, help with basic math facts, and assist children in learning letter names and sounds. In addition, we may assign tutors to a younger child for socialization—sometimes we just need an extra friend!

English as a Second Language

The goal of the English as a Second Language (ESL) program is to provide ESL instruction so students can be successful in reaching their fullest academic and social potential. Students in grades K through 12 meet as necessary in a pullout or inclusive setting as defined by each student's individual needs. For more information, please contact our ESL instructor, Mrs. Horning.

Virtual Academy

We realize that not all students thrive in a traditional "brick and mortar" setting. The Port Allegany School district has made a commitment to provide an additional instructional model with the addition of our Virtual Academy. At Port Allegany Virtual Academy, we have gathered established and dedicated professionals, administrative staff, and resources of the district, and will assist those students and families who choose education through hands-on and online learning. Enrolling in our academy allows you and your child to receive all of the benefits of a public school education using an instructional style with which you are comfortable.

Please visit our district Virtual Academy page for more information.

Imagine Math

Port Allegany School District has recently piloted a new online math program called Imagine Math. Students in 2nd grade through 6th grade are enrolled in their own individual grade-level pathways. The program has many resources available to students to guide them through their learning. The practice portion of a lesson includes visual drawings and diagrams as math helps. If a student continues to struggle, he or she can also chat online with a real math teacher who will walk them through a problem.

Imagine Math also hosts rotating nationwide competitions students can compete in by climbing up the leaderboards. Outside of the programs, our school also hosts seasonal "challenges" that students compete in school wide for various prizes and recognition. We encourage all students to challenge themselves and refine their math skills both in and out of school, and this program is a great opportunity to do just that! 

Please view the Imagine Math website for additional information.